The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (2023)

While you may think of milk and milk products as just a small part of your life, they are actually part of a comprehensive and world-wide industry that is projected to be worth more than $587 billion in a few years. . Yes, the dairy industry alone is worth over half a trillion dollars. You look at the milk in your fridge differently now, don't you?

Milk alone is considered one of the most valuable and produced agricultural products in the world. Milk has increased the value of livestock by 27% and increased the value of agriculture by 10%. The best thing about milk is that it is not tied to a single geographic location or culture; Produced and consumed around the world, it is enjoyed by everyone, from young children to adults. In fact, it is among the top five agricultural products in most countries, demonstrating the importance and acceptance of milk throughout the world. While many animals are capable of producing milk, almost 90% of the total milk supply comes from cows, followed by buffaloes, goats, sheep and camels. At the global agricultural level, milk alone accounts for 14% of total agricultural trade. Due to their value, dairy animals are present on at least 25% of the nearly 600 million farms worldwide, with large herds of them being kept in developed countries, such as the UK or the US for take a look at the countries that consume the most dairy products, visit the12 countries with the highest milk consumption and low osteoporosis rates.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (1)

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Despite the importance of the dairy industry, dairy product prices fell significantly in the second half of 2019, although they recovered in 2019, with skimmed milk powder prices registering the largest increase. This is because more and more people around the world are becoming health conscious and paying close attention to what they put into their bodies. This could also be why butter prices are down in 2019 as well, even though cheese prices are up. World milk production also increased, with Asian countries leading the way, although slightly offset by Oceanian countries.

Overall, milk exports also increased in 2019, albeit by only 1% compared to 2018, as exports increased to 76.7 million tonnes. While you might think that the dairy industry is one of the least controversial industries in the world (after all, how bad the people who produce milk could be), you would be dead wrong. The dairy industry has its own lobby in the National Dairy Council, which represents tens of thousands of dairy farmers in the US. You may have heard of lactose intolerance, but if you're white it's possible. may you not know that it is not a single disease, but affects about 75% of African Americans and 90% of Asian Americans. This means that the vast majority of non-white people cannot even consume milk, and yet in the US we have laws that a school lunch must contain milk. While there is no doubt that milk is beneficial for you, for those who are lactose intolerant it is simply not an option, and much better substitutes exist as well. However, with 8% of sales made this way, the dairy industry continues to pressure the government not to change the rules. Although you may find this hard to believe, considering that we all grew up on the charts with show milk being one of the most important parts of our daily lives, this is simply to ensure that the dairy industry does not lose revenue.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused the loss of more than a million lives and infected more than 50 million people worldwide, has caused the lockdown of billions of people and the closure of businesses. The dairy industry also faced the same problem as travel bans decimated the global supply chain. However, it is a very comprehensive industry and it needs to function even in times like this. After all, the dairy industry provides around 10% of the world's protein and an estimated 1 billion livelihoods are tied to the dairy industry, which also has one of the highest proportions of women in any industry in the world. , particularly in rural areas. Also, since many end users of the dairy industry, such as schools and restaurants, have been closed for months, the demand for dairy products is low, which could be fatal for many dairy farmers. However, there is a silver lining to this, as experts believe that the post-Covid-19 dairy industry will be more efficient and better; However, there is no certainty when the pandemic will end and normal operations will resume.

The United States, India, China, Pakistan, and Brazil are the world's largest milk producers, with India being the largest producer. India alone is responsible for 22% of world production. South Asia has become one of the top milk producers, with production steadily increasing year on year, while Oceania, as mentioned above, is experiencing a decline in production. To rank the world's largest dairy companies, we have considered their dairy-related revenue in both 2019 and 2018 and have assigned a 70% weight to revenue earned in 2019, as this is the highest benchmark. recent and most relevant to proceed. So, let's take a look at the companies that have ensured continued supply of one of the world's most important agricultural products, starting with number 15:

15. Savencia

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 5.6

There are many European countries on this list, so it makes sense that we start in France with Savencia, which has almost 20,000 employees and is a publicly traded company. The company is famous for making cheese, which goes to show that if you do it right, you can make billions of dollars with a good specialization in anything. It was originally known as Bongrain before being renamed Savencia in 2015.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (2)

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14. Social

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 5.7

Another French company makes a list with Sodiaal that even surpasses Savencia. Sodiaal has many brands that are quite famous all over the world, such as Candia, Regilait, Entremont and Yoplait. The raw material for these brands is supplied by 17,000 different producers in France. The company was founded in 1964, and according to its website, it was created to meet the changing tastes of consumers in France at the time.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (3)

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Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 5.9

Meiji Dairies Corporation is a Japanese company and one of the world's largest dairy and confectionery companies, selling various dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, and milk. It also sells non-dairy items like drinks and pizza.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (4)

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12. Unilever (the New York Stock Exchange)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 6.4

Unilever is one of the world's best-known and most respected companies with more than 400 globally recognized and loved brands across a variety of industries. Unilever operates in more than 190 countries, employs more than 300,000 people worldwide and is also very well represented in the dairy industry. Of the total sales of more than US$50 billion, US$6.4 billion comes from the dairy industry, a large part of which comes from the acquisition of TINE Danish Dairy Unit.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (5)

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11.DMK Group

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 6.5

The DMK Group employs more than 7,700 people at 20 locations in Germany and is involved in various dairy products such as ice cream, cheese and milk products. The company was formed in 2011 when two of Germany's largest dairy companies merged and the company hasn't looked back since.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (6)

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10. Saputo (TSX: SAP)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 11.3

The largest dairy companies in the world are spread across different countries and now we are moving to Canada for Saputo and we now have over $11 billion in annual sales. The company also has nearly 17,000 employees and operates in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina and Australia.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (7)

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9. Arla Foods

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 11.8

Arla Foods takes us back to Europe and in particular to Denmark, where it is based in Viby. A common theme you may have noticed is companies merging into giants, and the same goes for Arla Foods, which was formed in 2000 following the merger of Arla and MD Foods.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (8)

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8. Mengniu (SEHK:2319)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 11.9

Now we have a Chinese company, the largest dairy company in the world, with the state being the largest shareholder. The company was founded in 1995, 25 years ago. The company mainly sells ice cream and other dairy products.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (9)

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7. FrieslandCampina

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 12.6

Friesland Campina is a Dutch company with branches in 33 companies and almost 22,000 employees. The company itself was founded in 2008 after the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina. The company acquired a 51% stake in Engro Foods Pakistan for US$450 million in 2016, with significant growth.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (10)

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6. Fonterra (NZX: FCG)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 13.2

We have told you that the largest dairy companies are owned by different countries around the world and Fonterra is based in New Zealand and is unique in that it is actually owned by 10,500 farmers. The company was founded in 2001 after, and you probably know what's coming, the two largest dairy companies in the country merged. It is actually the largest company in New Zealand.

Year 5 (SSE:600887)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 13.4

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (11)

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Yili is the largest dairy company in China, engaged in milk processing and manufacturing, as well as ice cream, powdered milk tea, fresh milk and sterilized milk, headquartered in Hohhot. The company was founded in 1993 and was the official sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The 15 largest dairy companies in the world (12)

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4. Danone (Euronext-Paris: BN)

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 18.2

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Danone is also one of the largest beverage companies in the world and is also included in this list. This European multinational is headquartered in Paris and currently sells its products in more than 120 countries around the world.

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3. Dairy farmers of America

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 20.1

The Dairy Farmers of America is a cooperative that was founded in 1998 and was the main architect behind the earlier story that milk was required in school meals and seems to have done very well with over $20 billion in revenue.

2. Lactalis

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 21

France had the most entries on this list and Lactalis is the country's largest dairy company and was formerly known as Besnier.

1. Nestle

Total sales 2019 (in billions of dollars) 22.1

First of the list ofThe 5 largest dairy companies in the worldIt is of course Nestle. Nestlé is one of the biggest companies in the world and this Swiss giant seems to have stakes in many of our favorite brands and is said to be one of 11 companies that have stakes in almost every globally known brand.

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Although Nestlé seems to be among the best-known companies in the world, it is also by far one of the most controversial. There are dozens of complaints and lawsuits against the company alleging the worst crimes imaginable, and while they may just be complaints, they seem pretty convincing. While the company operates in 189 countries around the world and employs nearly 300,000 people, it has also faced criticism in nearly all of these countries for its unethical activities, including: B. controversial marketing in developing countries that would discourage mothers from breastfeeding their children and relying on Nestlé formula, allegations of slavery and child labor in Africa, union busting in Colombia, controversial water bottling plants in Oregon, Michigan and California, fixing prices for chocolate and demanding that Ethiopia demand payment of a $6 million debt during a severe famine. Nestlé may be one of the world's biggest companies, but it still has a lot more to do to avoid being classified as one of the world's most unethical companies.


What are the largest dairy companies in the world? ›

The biggest dairy companies in the world by revenue are Nestlé, Lactalis, and Danone. While the top dairy producer in the world by production is Dairy Farmers of America. This article will breakdown the details of the top 10 dairy companies in the world in 2020 by revenue and milk production market share.

What are the top 10 dairy products? ›

10 Most Popular Dairy Products in the World
  • Quark. Twaróg. POLAND. ...
  • Cream. Malai. INDIA. ...
  • Cream. Clotted Cream. Cornwall. England. ...
  • Dairy Product. Kaymak. TURKIYE. shutterstock. ...
  • Cream. Crème fraîche. Normandy. France. ...
  • Dairy Product. Kefir. RUSSIA. shutterstock. ...
  • Butter. Ghee. INDIA. shutterstock. ...
  • Dairy Product. Yogurt. BULGARIA. shutterstock.

Which is the largest dairy cooperative in the world? ›

In 1946, the Amul Cooperative was created as a reaction to the exploitation of local milk producers by the dealers and the agents of the main dairy of that time, the Polson dairy. The government had given monopolistic rights to Polson to collect milk from Kaira dairy farmers and supply it to the city of Mumbai.

What is the worlds largest dairy farm? ›

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

What are the 5 leading dairy production states? ›

Farm Milk Production

The top five milk production States in 2021 were California, Wisconsin, Idaho, Texas, and New York. Collectively, these 5 States produced more than 50 percent of U.S. annual milk supply. In terms of production, milk cows generally perform best in areas with dry, cool weather.

What is global dairy top 20 report? ›

Rabobank's annual Global Dairy Top 20 highlights the industry leaders of one of the world's most valuable food sectors. The combined turnover of the Global Dairy Top 20 companies jumped by 9.3% in US dollar terms, following the prior year's decline of 0.1%. In euro terms, the combined turnover increased by 5.0%.

What is the #1 dairy cow? ›

Holstein. The Holstein (or Holstein-Friesian) is the most popular dairy breed, comprising around 90 percent of cows on U.S. dairy farms. They are known for their distinctive black and white pattern.

What state is number 1 in dairy? ›

The total number of milk cows on farms in the United States shows that California holds a significant share of the total number of milk cows in the country. Unsurprisingly, California is also the leading milk producing state in the United States.

What county is the #1 dairy county in the world? ›

India is the largest milk-producing country in the world. The country is trailed by the United States, which is the second largest producer, in milk production by a large margin. India is unique among the major milk producers because more than half of its production comes from water buffalo, rather than cattle.

How many dairy farms are there in the world? ›

According to the IFCN, 116 million dairy farms milk over 260 million cows globally. Cainthus' analysis of the top 100 dairy farms identified that just ten of the largest farms milk over 1 million cows, four of which are in China, four in the U.S., and one in Russia and Saudi Arabia respectively.

What are the 10 biggest farms in the world? ›

Top 10 biggest farms worldwide
NameNumber of animals
1Mudanjiang City Mega Farm100,000 dairy cows
2China Modern Dairy230,000 dairy cows
3Anna Creek9,500 cattle
4Clifton Hills18,000 cattle
7 more rows
Oct 29, 2018

Who is the richest dairy farmer in the world? ›

Colin and Dale Armer (New Zealand)

They have made a fortune of $535 million by running a successful dairy farm. Their company, Dairy Holdings, is the largest dairy farming conglomerate in the country.

What is the oldest dairy farm in America? ›

Minerva Dairy, America's oldest family owned creamery and the leader in better butter, was founded in 1894 by Max Radloff, in Hustisford, Wisconsin.

Which state is famous for dairy farming? ›

Uttar Pradesh is the highest milk producing state in India contributing around 18% to the total milk production, followed by Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab contributing 11%, 10%, 8% and 7% respectively.

What state is known as the dairy state? ›

Most have probably heard Wisconsin's famous moniker “The America's Dairyland.” This nickname is definitely befitting considering our long history with milk production.

What is the top dairy breed in the US? ›

Holsteins. Holsteins are easily recognized by their distinctive black and white coloring. In fact, they are the most popular breed of dairy cattle in the U.S. Characteristics Holsteins are one of the largest dairy cow breeds, weighing around 1,500 pounds and measuring almost 5 feet tall at the shoulder.

Who is the US's largest dairy export country? ›

Mexico remains the leading market for U.S. dairy products accounting for nearly a quarter of all exports.

What country eats the most dairy? ›

In 2022, India consumed the most cow milk worldwide, drinking about 85 million metric tons. The next largest consumption of milk was in the European Union, at 23.8 million metric tons.

Who has the best dairy in the world? ›

The island of Ireland has some of the best dairy producers in the world. This is down to the amazing grass-fed system used by farmers all over our land. A temperate climate and lots of rain guarantee a healthy growth of grass throughout the spring, summer and early autumn seasons.

Which animal milk is black? ›

Answer: The female black rhinoceros or Diceros bicornis give black milk. Explanation: Black milk is the slimmest milk containing very little amount of fat (0.2%) is produced by Black rhinoceros.

What US state has the most cows? ›

Texas has the most cattle in the United States followed by Nebraska & Kansas.

What cow is best for meat? ›

Black Angus, Red Angus, and Herefords are the Fords, Chevys, and Dodges of the beef cattle world and are the most common and popular.

What state has the least dairy farms? ›

No matter which measuring stick you use, the smallest dairy state (according to 2018 data from USDA) is Alaska. It had just one farm, just 300 cows, and made just 2.8 million total pounds of milk.

What state is known for butter? ›

Improved processing technology, including centrifugal cream separators and mechanical refrigeration, contributed to the expansion of commercial creameries, and by 1900 butter was widely available in the U.S. Today, California is the largest butter producer in the country.

What are the 4 types of milk? ›

What are the four types of milk? Generally speaking, when it comes to dairy milk the four different types of milk are: whole milk (3.25% milk fat), reduced fat milk (2%), low fat milk (1%) and fat-free milk, which is also known as skimmed milk.

What is the most famous dairy? ›

Top 10 Dairy Companies in the World
  • Nestlé Based in Switzerland, Nestlé may be one of the most well-recognized companies in the world. ...
  • Lactalis. ...
  • Danone. ...
  • Fonterra. ...
  • Frieslandcampina. ...
  • Dairy Farmers of America. ...
  • Arla Foods. ...
  • Yili Group.
Mar 16, 2022

How many dairy farms are left in the United States? ›

Dairy Farms in the US - Number of Businesses 2004–2029
Feb 1, 201643,324
Feb 1, 201733,171
Feb 1, 201835,713
Feb 1, 201932,447
12 more rows
Jan 10, 2023

What is the most drank milk in the world? ›

Goat milk is the number-one consumed milk in the world. They only produce one gallon of milk per day, unlike cows, which produce four times that amount. The normal body temperature of a goat is between 102 and 104 degrees.

Where is the best milk in the world? ›

New Zealand's grass-fed cows produce some of the world's best quality milk. The quality of the milk cows produce is directly related to their diet and environment. So it's no wonder that New Zealand's pasture-fed cows, feasting on our lush green grass, produce some of the best milk in the world.

Who is the biggest cow milk producer in the world? ›

India is the world's largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil. Since the 1970s, most of the expansion in milk production has been in South Asia, which is the main driver of milk production growth in the developing world.

How rich are dairy farmers? ›

According to the USDA, in 2018, the average net cash farm income for American dairy farmers is projected to be US$144,100, a significant drop from about US$240,000 in 2017.

What happens to old dairy cows? ›

Most dairy cows, many people are surprised to find out, whether they're raised in organic, grassfed, or conventional systems, are sold into the commodity market when they're “retired.” Their meat is primarily turned into low-quality ground beef, the kind you'd find in a cheap frozen or fast food burger.

How big is the US dairy industry? ›

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Dairy Farms industry is $58.9bn in 2023. What is the growth rate of the Dairy Farms industry in the US in 2023? The market size of the Dairy Farms industry is expected to decline -0.8% in 2023.

Where is the biggest farm in the US? ›

6. Wyoming has the largest farms in the United States followed by Montana & New Mexico. Wyoming and Montana are the only 2 states in the United States with average farm sizes over 2,000 acres.

What are the top 10 crops farmed in the US? ›

The Biggest Crops in the U.S.
  • Sorghum. ...
  • Oranges. 2021 total: $1.7 billion. ...
  • Tomatoes. 2021 total: $1.6 billion. ...
  • Peanuts. 2021 total: $1.5 billion. ...
  • Dry beans. 2021 total: $1.2 billion. ...
  • Sugar beets. 2021 total: $1.2 billion. ...
  • Blueberries. 2021 total: $1.2 billion. ...
  • Sugarcane for sugar and seed. 2021 total: $1.1 billion.
Nov 19, 2022

Which country is No 1 in farming? ›

1. China. Production – China has only 10% of arable land worldwide and produces a quarter of the global grain output. China leads the agriculture production of fruit, vegetables, cereals, cotton, eggs and poultry.

Who is the biggest farmer in America? ›

John Malone actually owns nearly 2.2 million acres of land across the US.

Is there a billionaire farmer? ›

Qin Yinglin (Chinese: 秦英林; pinyin: Qín Yīnglín, born 1965) is a Chinese agriculture tycoon, billionaire, Communist Party member, and the world's richest farmer. He is the chair and president of the pig farming company Muyuan Foodstuff and is one of the richest people in China. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, ...

Do Dairy Farmers make a lot of money? ›

How much does a Dairy Farmer make? Dairy farmers make $29,959 per year on average, or $14.4 per hour, in the United States. Dairy farmers on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $13,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $68,000.

How old is a retired dairy cow? ›

Old dairy cows are 'retired' when they can no longer produce enough milk, this is usually at around ten years, after they have produced thousands of gallons of milk.

Are old dairy cows slaughtered? ›

Culling rate of the dairy herd has been increasing since 2014, though cyclicity is evident (Figure 1). Most dairy cows are sent to slaughter around 4 to 5 yr of age, while beef cows remain in the herd much longer, being slaughtered from 7 to 12 yr of age.

What is the oldest family owned land in America? ›

The Tuttle Farm of Dover, New Hampshire, United States, is located between the tidal waters of the Bellamy and Piscataqua rivers on Dover Point, and has been operating continuously since 1632.

Who is the world leader dairy products? ›

India is the world's largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

Who is America's largest dairy producer? ›

Dean Foods is an American food and beverage company and is considered the largest dairy subsidiary in the United States. With 66 manufacturing facilities in 32 U.S. states, Dean Foods distributes its products across all 50 states.

What is the #1 dairy breed in the United States? ›

The Holstein is the dominant dairy breed in the U.S. • The average Holstein cow produces around • 23,000 pounds of milk, or 2,674 gallons, of milk each lactation. With a standard lactation lasting 305 days, that comes out to 75 pounds, or almost 9 gallons of milk per cow per day.

Where does the USA rank in the world in dairy production? ›

Dairy Farmers of America from the U.S. followed, processing 2.4 percent of the world's milk that year.
The U.S. tops the charts in cow milk production and dairy processing.
RankCountryMilk production (million tons ECM)
17 more rows
Apr 2, 2013

Which is the oldest dairy company? ›

Polson is the name of a dairy products brand that was started in India by Pestonjee Eduljee in 1915 in Mumbai. Polson's first dairy was set up in Anand, Gujarat at the cost of ₹7 lakh (US$8,800) in 1930.

Who makes the best milk in the world? ›

So milk products from pasture-fed cows may have a higher concentration of this nutrient2,4,5. Another reason why New Zealand cows produce the some of the best milk in the world.

Who runs the Dairy Farmers of America? ›

Dairy Farmers of America finalizes CEO transition | DFA Milk. At the recent Board of Directors meeting of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the Board completed the transition of Dennis Rodenbaugh taking the helm as president and chief executive officer, as Richard (Rick) P.

Which dairy breed has the most cows in the US? ›

Holstein. The Holstein (or Holstein-Friesian) is the most popular dairy breed, comprising around 90 percent of cows on U.S. dairy farms.

What is the most popular milk? ›

Cow's milk

Cow's milk is the most commonly consumed dairy milk and a good source of high-quality protein ( 8 ). It's naturally rich in calcium, B vitamins, and many minerals. It's also often fortified with vitamins A and D, making it a very nutritious food for both children and adults ( 8 ).

Which cow gives the richest milk? ›

Jersey cows are excellent grazers, which definitely shows in their milk. Of all the dairy breeds, Jersey milk is the richest when it comes to butterfat (average 5%) and protein (3.8%), and our farmers get paid extra for that.

What breed of cow provides 90% of the milk in the US? ›

When you think of a dairy cow, you probably picture a black-and-white Holstein. Holsteins make up about 90% of the dairy cows in America, and they owe their popularity to their productivity – on average making nearly nine gallons of milk every day.

Which is the No 1 milk in the world? ›

4Dairy Farmers of AmericaUnited States
4 more rows

What is the most popular dairy cow? ›

Holsteins are easily recognized by their distinctive black and white coloring. In fact, they are the most popular breed of dairy cattle in the U.S. Characteristics Holsteins are one of the largest dairy cow breeds, weighing around 1,500 pounds and measuring almost 5 feet tall at the shoulder.

Which country has the best dairy cows? ›

The US had the highest productivity level of 10,200 litres per cow per year. It's this high level of productivity that has led to the country being the highest milk producer in the global dairy sector.


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