Nike Phantom GT Elite Football Boot Review - 101 Football Boots (2023)

With the introduction of the market,Nike Fantasma GTThe series brings a new type of performance for players to explore. Its launch caused quite a stir, with fans wondering what magic this latest release holds. When your first words about this new sneaker are "The Phantom GT is the most data-driven sneaker Nike has ever made," it immediately raises some eyebrows and creates an air of intrigue.

I've been using a standard ankle cut for the past few weeks.Fantasy GT Elitemodel, here's what I've found about Nike's latest control-focused release.

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initial reaction

Replacing two silos with new versions is a bold move, and one that's hard to pull off. You're basically asking two groups of players to trust the performance of your latest creation. Visually, the Phantom GT has a lot of improvements and looks like a very edgy styling silo. The style change will bring a new type of fit that I'm interested to learn more about, as well as a new upper that creates a unique level of touch and ball control.

fit foot feel

Out of the box, I was a little concerned about how the Phantom GT felt on foot. They will look stiff and a little stiff. Fortunately, I can confirm that it's the exact opposite. I have to admit that the first time I wore them was for some soccer tennis games, so it wasn't exactly a game. But that's enough playing time to determine how comfortable they are with breaking games. Padded in just the right areas, the upper molds comfortably around your foot. When you can wear boots without thinking about the fact that you're wearing those boots, you've found the right thing.

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I'd rate them as true size options, so no need to change what you'd normally use in the VSN or VNM range. There's actually a lot more room in the forefoot socket than you might think. So they definitely fit the mold of a medium/large fit option. Note that they don't have the Quadfit inner layer like previous Phantom versions. More on that below.

Generating Textured Uppers

According to Nike, the Phantom GT is the most data-driven boot Nike has ever created. During the creation process, scientists at the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) spent countless hours analyzing the various angles and strengths at which the ball enters and exits the boot during a football game.

They question how the ball connects to the boot, creating basic guidelines for pressure maps and key data points. The design of the Phantom GT (Generate Texture) used these digital data sets to create a boot designed to help with perfect ball feel and unleash player creativity. Instead of making the boot too grippy, the designers learned how much texture is too much. By molding the texture directly into the Nike Flyknit upper (rather than sticking the texture onto it), the boot maintains a soft, supple, premium feel without the risk of texture peeling off.

Touch, control and shoot

It's important to note here first, that the Phantom GT was not designed or built to be power-started. Don't buy them expecting to get your next T90 laser style boot. Instead, the GT texture on the upper is designed to improve touch and control, giving skilled players a platform on which to effectively control the ball. Looking closely, you can see that the blades - I'll call them blades - are pretty non-aggressive. They don't bounce off surfaces or gain great height on top. Instead, they're heavily weakened and grafted to help shape the ball's profile as it makes contact with a surface.

In summary, what is the actual ball feel like? Very well is your answer. Each upper blade curves from the center to the bottom in a wave shape. Every area of ​​the upper—strike zone, instep, touch and control—has an elliptical path. So they act as buffer zones where all the blades wrap around the ball to keep it close to your foot.

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Also, they were not designed as shooting boots. But you'll get a solid ping from the surface while shooting without feeling the full impact. Each blade acts as a shock absorber so you get a relatively thin top that allows you to hit long balls comfortably. Where I see them used the most, though, is in controlled fire where you're looking to place them. The extra grip provided by the blade creates friction on the ball, giving you more confidence to hit your target accurately, especially with a little spin.

Fantasma GT vs Fantasma VNM

Although the Phantom GT replaced the Phantom Vision and Venom, it was the Phantom Venom that they copied the most. Even if the Venom doesn't seem to have any obvious appeal, Nike seems to see more potential in bringing its core strengths to the next generation.

The first obvious similarity is at the top, where GT (or generated texture) replaces the Precision Power strike zone. But instead of keeping it all over the strike zone, they added texture all over the upper in a way that adidasPredator 20+series. Note that Nike is emphasizing here the fact that you feel the ball feel better and it doesn't get too sticky. You might think this is a clever dig at the more aggressive Predator DemonSkin and its 406 rubber elements.

Finally, gone is the Quadfit internal locking system. That's a little surprising, given that it's an impressive component of Phantom Venom. Instead, this version has a wider forefoot cavity, so Nike seems to see more potential to create a shoe that will appeal to more players who like a little more room for their feet to slide.

traction and foundation

Along with the revolutionary upper, Nike also created an all-new Hyperquick chassis and traction system. It's no surprise they thought of creating something new and unique, as more and more brands are looking for ways to improve performance underfoot in more dynamic ways. has become the current market trend. There is definitely a dependable feel for crisp cuts and underfoot control during play. You often need to build confidence in your new boots to get the most out of them on a variety of playing surfaces.

The new system features a generative chassis with agile studs and is stiffer in the heel for planting. The tapered pins were split and changed to quick cuts, complemented by wide swivel chevrons. They're designed to "combine Nike's optimal traction patterns generated through medial and lateral movement." is that so? I mean, I can't deny that, or absolutely not. What I can say is that I was able to develop a trusting relationship with them on the surface of FG and AG, allowing me to play without distraction or worrying about spraining my ankle. To me, that's more important than scientifically proven upgrades.



I can't say this is a very solid product from Nike. They feel good on their feet and have a good touch on the ball. But is it really a game-changing or astonishing boot like the CTR360 Maestri or even the T90 Laser when it launched? The buzz around its launch has died down, and maybe that has a lot to do with the lack of football time in America right now. However, for players looking for a "safe" Nike sneaker option, this looks like just another option.

retail details

At launch, we offer three different colors to choose from. With the start of the big season for European football in the coming weeks, I could see that number increasing significantly. The version I tested was a low-cut version of the Elite model. Dynamic cutting templates are also available. Check out our reviews of all Phantom GT grades here.

In terms of price, the Phantom GT belongs to$ 250, which seems to be the norm with current Nike Elite models.

skinny summary

emphasize:The Phantom GT is Nike's most data-driven boot ever, replacing the Phantom VSN and VNM.
weight:7.6 oz
I would buy them:The ultimate quality boot that many players will love, mine being one of them. This isn't my favorite Nike release in years, but I get their pull.
Player position:Designed for superstars, any type of player who loves to catch and create in tight spaces.

Review Score (out of 10)

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Visual effect
control category


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What does GT mean on cleats? ›

The biggest change in the new Phantom is the Generative Texture (GT). Essentially Nike has taken a look into what parts of the cleat are the sweet spot and added extra texture for grip. In collaboration with the GT upper, Elite models are built with All Conditions Control (ACC) coating to be ready for any condition.

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On the Elite model you get a more sculpted contour around the ankle whereas the Pro cut is more linear. While the knit is slightly more premium, refined and form hugging on the Elite version, once they are on foot the differences in fit and feel of both versions of the Flyknit are almost imperceptible.

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