More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (2023)

Byjanuary nelson

Byjanuary nelson

Riddles have been around for centuries with the word "riddle" meaning a statement or question that presents a riddle that must be solved to reach the answer. Hethe word originatesfrom the same word as "read"; Derived from the Old English word "ræ̅dan", meaning "to interpret or guess". Over many years, it became redel from Middle English, evolving into the meaning of "understanding or interpreting symbols". However, as the word has changed over the years, the meaning remains the same.

If you're looking for a good riddle, you've come to the right place. riddlessonfunnyforchildrenand adults of all ages looking to test theirgeniusand are trying to challenge your critical thinking andproblem- solving skillsthere are tons of funriddles and riddlesout there; those that are simple and easy for a child to solve, those that require detailed explanation to make sense of the answer, and those that are so complicated that they may be almost impossible to solve.

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Here is a complete list of easy, tricky, challenging andfunny riddlesthatchildren, math students, teens, and adults will enjoy:

easy riddles for kids

Easy,simple riddlesthey are great forchildrenboth inside and outside the classroom. By incorporatingeasy enigmasin lesson plans or by adding amath riddleat the end of amathematicsquiz, or play amathematicsguessing game related to yourchild, they can learn and elevate their thinking in afunny, non-traditional way.Childrenthey can challenge themselves and strengthen their problem-solving skills without even realizing it.

here are someenigmaswhatchildwill find it easy toresponder:

Enigma:Which word is least like the others? Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth?
Responder:Third,it's the only one that doesn't end in "th".

Enigma:What's the last thing you take off before bed?
Responder:Your feet off the ground!

Enigma:1 rabbit saw 9 elephants while going to the river. Each elephant saw 3 monkeys heading towards the river. Each monkey had 1 parrot in each hand. How many animals go to the river?
Responder:10 animals go to the river. (1 rabbit + 3 monkeys + 6 parrots)

Enigma:You bought me for dinner, but you never ate me. What am I?

Enigma:What word in the English language has three consecutive double letters? (Hint: It's a compound word.)

Enigma:How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Responder:Leavesthere are 11 letters in “thealphabet."

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (4)

Enigma:What type of room has no windows or doors?
Responder:¡A champion!

Enigma:What has to be broken before you can use it?
Responder:An egg.

Enigma:I am tall when young and short when old. What am I?
Responder:A candle.

Enigma:What month of the year has 28 days?
Responder:All of them.

Enigma:What's full of holes but can still hold water?
Responder:A sponge.

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Enigma:What question can you never answer yes?
Responder:Already sleeping?

Enigma:What's always in front of you but you can't see?
Responder:The future.

Enigma:There is a one-story house where everything is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture. What color are the stairs?
Responder:There is no because it is a one-story house.

Enigma:What can you break even if you never pick it up or touch it?
Responder:A promise.

Enigma:What goes up but never comes down?
Responder:Your age.

Enigma:A man leaves his house in pouring rain, but not a hair on his head is wet. How is this possible?
Responder:He is bald.

Enigma:What gets wet as it continues to dry?
Responder:A towel.

Enigma:What can you keep after you give it to someone?
Responder:Your word.

Enigma:I shave every day, but my beard never changes. What am I?
Responder:a barber.

Enigma:You see a ship full of people, but not a single person is on board. How is this possible?
Responder:Everyone on board is married.

Enigma:You enter a dark room holding a match and find a kerosene lamp, a candle and a fireplace. Which do you light first?
Responder:The party.

Enigma:A man dies of old age at the age of 25. How is this possible?
Responder:He was born on the leap day, February 29th.

Enigma:I have branches, but I have no fruit, no trunk, no leaves. What am I?
Responder:A bank.

Enigma:What can't speak but will respond when spoken to?
Responder:An echo.

Enigma:The more of it there is, the less you will see. What is it?

Enigma:What has many keys but can never open a lock?
Responder:I don't floor.

Enigma:What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right?
Responder:Your right elbow.

Enigma:What is black when clean and white when dirty?
Responder:A blackboard.

Enigma:What gets bigger when more is taken away?
Responder:A hole.

Enigma:I'm lighter than a feather, but not even the strongest can hold me for more than six minutes. What am I?
Responder:Your breath.

Enigma:Where does today come from before yesterday?
Responder:In the dictionary.

Enigma:What invention allows people to look through a wall?
Responder:One window.

Enigma:If you have it, you want to share it, but after sharing it, you haven't saved it. What is it?
Responder:A secret.

Enigma:What can't be put in a pot?
Responder:Your Cape.

Enigma:What keeps going up and down without moving?

Enigma:If you're running a race and you overtake the runner-up, where are you now?
Responder:Second place.

Enigma:It belongs to you, but others use it more than you do. What is it?
Responder:Your name.

Enigma:What would you find in downtown Toronto?
Responder:The letter "o".

Enigma:What word is always misspelled in the dictionary?

complicated puzzles(The best riddles)

Here are some examples ofenigmaswhich are quite complicated forchildrenand easier for teens and adultsresponder:

Enigma:There is a yellow and pink single story house and everything is yellow and pink: yellow bricks, yellow doors, yellow windows, yellow walls, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower. What color is the ladder?
Responder:Do not existstaircase. it's a single storycasa.

Enigma:You enter a scary house alone. There is no electricity, plumbing or ventilation. Inside you notice 3 doors with numbers on them. After opening the doors, you will die in a particular way. Gate #1 You will be eaten by a hungry lion. Gate #2 You will be stabbed to death. Door #3 There's an electric chair waiting for you. Which port do you choose?
Responder:Porta#3, as there is no electricity to harm you.

Enigma:The 5 sisters are busy. Ann is reading a book, Rose is cooking, Katy is playing chess, and Mary is doing the laundry. What is the fifth sister doing?
Responder:He's playing chess, of course!

Enigma:Three doctors said that Robert is his brother. Robert says he has no siblings. Who lies?
Responder:No one lies: Robert has 3 sisters who are doctors.

Enigma:Mom and Dad have four daughters and each daughter has a brother. How many people are there in the family?
Responder:7- each daughter has the same brother.

Enigma:A man was found dead on Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police went to the crime scene and questioned the wife and the staff and got these alibis: the wife said she was sleeping, the cook was having breakfast, the gardener was picking vegetables, the maid was picking up the mail, the butler was cleaning or closet. The policeman immediately apprehended the assassin. Quem fez isso and how did you know?
Responder:It was the Maiden. She said she was getting the mail but there is no mail on Sundays!

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Enigma:I'm an odd number, but once you take a letter, I become even. What number am I?

Enigma:If two are company and three are a crowd, how many are four and five?
Responder:New ones.

Enigma:Which three numbers, none of which are zero, give the same result whether added or multiplied?
Responder:One two and three.

Enigma:What weighs more: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?
Responder:Nor because they both weigh a ton.

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (5)

Enigma:Two parents and two children are in a car, but there are only three people in the car. How is this possible?
Responder:They are grandfather, father and son.

Enigma:A girl goes to the store and buys a dozen eggs. As he walks home, all but three rest. How many eggs were left intact?

Enigma:If there are five apples and you remove three, how many apples do you have?

Enigma:What five-letter word gets shorter when you add two letters to it?

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (6)

Enigma:What starts with "e" and contains only one letter?
Responder:A package.

Enigma:There is a word I know, it contains six letters, but take one letter away and there are twelve. What is the word?

Enigma:You see me once in June, twice in November, and nothing in May. What am I?
Responder:The letter "e".

Enigma:There is a word that can be written forwards, backwards or backwards and it can still be read from left to right. What is the word?

Enigma:I'm heavy at the front, but not at the back. What am I?
Responder:The word "ton".

Enigma:What five-letter word is left when two are removed?

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (7)

Enigma:What's at the end of it all?
Responder:The letter "g"

Enigma:What word is pronounced the same if you drop four of its five letters?

Enigma:There is a house. You go in blind and come out seeing. What is it?
Responder:A school.

Enigma:While heading to St. Ives, I knew a man with seven wives; each wife had seven sacks; each bag had seven cats; each cat had seven kittens; kits, jacks, bags and handcuffs. How many went to St. Ives?

funny riddles

Find a fun riddle in this group to get some laughs out of friends and family:

Enigma:What has many eyes but cannot see?
Responder:A pope.

Enigma:What has a lot of needles but doesn't sew?
Responder:A Christmas tree.

Enigma:I have hands, but I can't clap. What am I?
Responder:A watch.

Enigma:I have legs, but I can't walk. What am I?
Responder:A table.

Enigma:I have a head, a foot and four legs. What am I?
Responder:A bed.

Enigma:I have one eye, but I can't see. What am I?
Responder:A needle.

Enigma:How much is 3/7 of a chicken, 2/3 of a cat and 2/4 of a goat?

Enigma:What can you take but never throw away?
Responder:A cold.

Enigma:What band never plays music?
Responder:A rubber band.

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (8)

Enigma:I have a lot of teeth, but I never bite. What am I?
Responder:One sentence.

Enigma:What has many words but is never able to speak?
Responder:A book.

Enigma:What runs in the backyard but never moves?
Responder:A fence.

Enigma:What is able to travel the world without leaving the place?
Responder:A stamp.

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Enigma:I have a thumb and four fingers, but I'm not a hand. What am I?
Responder:A glove.

Enigma:I have a head and a tail, but no body. What am I?
Responder:A coin.

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (9)

Enigma:Which building has the most floors?
Responder:The library.

Enigma:What tastes better than it smells?
Responder:Your tongue.

Enigma:What has 13 hearts but no other organs?
Responder:A deck of cards.

Enigma:I have many ears, but I cannot hear. What am I?
Responder:A cornfield.

Enigma:Which coat works best when wet?
Responder:A coat of paint.

Enigma:What has a bottom on top?
Responder:Your legs.

Enigma:What has four wheels and flies?
Responder:A garbage truck.

Challenging/difficult riddles

Here are some great onesenigmasto test if you're really looking to elevate your thinking:

Enigma:The person who does it doesn't have to; the person who buys it is useless. The person wearing it cannot see or feel it. What is it?
Responder:A coffin.

Enigma:A man is looking at a picture of a man on the wall and he says, "I have no brothers or sisters, but this man's father is my father's son." Who is the man in the image in relation to the man looking at the image?
Responder:Hemanin the picture is his son (theson of the man). Since he has no brothers or sisters, my father's son is himself. An abbreviated version would be this man's father is me, so he's the father ofmanin the image.

Enigma:Four hang themselves, four jump, two point the way, two to scare the dogs, one hangs behind, always very dirty. What am I?
Responder:A cow.

Enigma:A man is found hanging from the ceiling of a room. The dimensions of the room are 15 x 15 x 15. The man is only 6 feet tall and the rope is only 2 feet long. There are no windows and only one door in the room. The door is locked from the inside and there is a puddle of water under the man. How did he commit suicide?
Responder:Hemanhe was standing on a block of ice.

Enigma:The answer I give is yes, but what I mean is no. What was the question?
Responder:"Do you mind?"

Enigma:What is so fragile that when you pronounce its name it breaks?

More than 130 riddles for children and adults (with solutions) (10)

Enigma:What can run but never walk, have a mouth that never speaks, a head that never cries, and a bed but never sleep?
Responder:A river.

Enigma:What we take, we throw away. We keep what we don't catch. What do we keep?

Enigma:A man calls his dog across a river. The dog crosses the river without a bridge or a boat and manages not to get wet. How is this possible?
Responder:The river was frozen.

Enigma:What fills a room without taking up space?

Enigma:Drop me and I'm sure I'll break, but lend me a smile and I'll surely smile back. What am I?
Responder:A mirror.

Enigma:The more you take, the more you leave behind. That are?

Enigma:People make me, save me, change me and create me. What am I?

Enigma:What breaks but never falls and falls but never breaks?
Responder:Day and night.

Enigma:What runs through cities and fields but never moves?
Responder:One way.

Enigma:I'm always hungry and I'll die if you don't feed me, but everything I touch will turn red. What am I?

Enigma:With pointed fangs, I sit and wait. With piercing force, I crush fate. On bloodless victims who proclaim my power, joining together forever in a single bite. What am I?

Enigma:I have mountains without stone, lakes without water, cities without buildings and villages without people. What am I?
Responder:A map.

Enigma:I speak without a mouth and I hear without ears. I have no body, but I come to life with the wind. What am I?
Responder:An echo.

Enigma:You measure my life in hours and I serve you when I expire. I'm fast when I'm thin, but slow when I'm fat, and the wind is my mortal enemy. What am I?

Enigma:A woman shoots her husband and holds him underwater for five minutes. She then hangs up on him. Soon after, they have dinner together. How is this possible?
Responder:He took a picture of her and developed it in a darkened room before dinner.

Enigma:I come from a mine, but I always surround myself with wood. Everyone uses me. What am I?

Enigma:I have keys but no locks and space without rooms. You can enter, but you cannot leave. What am I?
Responder:A keyboard.

Enigma:A is B's brother. B is C's brother. C is D's father. So how is D related to A?
Responder:A is D's uncle.

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Enigma:What are the next three letters in this combination: OTTFFSS?
Responder:E N T (eight, nine and ten).

Enigma:First, think about the color of the clouds. Next, think about the color of the snow. Now, think of the color of a bright full moon. What do cows drink?

Enigma:First you eat me and then they eat you. What am I?
Responder:a hook

Enigma:What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?
Responder:Your left hand.

Enigma:How can you physically stand behind your dad if he's behind you?
Responder:You and your father are back to back.

Enigma:I have a neck without a head and two arms without hands. What am I?
Responder:A shirt.

Enigma:If eleven plus two equals one, how much equals nine plus five?
Responder:Of the.

Enigma:Once you get one, do you get two or none?
Responder:An election.

Enigma:There was a man who was born before his father, killed his mother and married his sister. There was nothing wrong with what he had done, why?
Responder:His father was in front of him when he was born, therefore he was born before him. His mother died giving birth to him. Eventually he became a minister and married his sister in his ceremony.

Enigma:What English verb becomes past tense simply by rearranging the letters?
Responder:"Eat" which can become "ate".

Enigma:I was never scared but petrified and I can't live in a house but I would die to make one. What am I?
Responder:A tree.

Enigma:It has five wheels, although it is often thought of as four, but it cannot be used without one. What is it?
Responder:A car.

Enigma:Different lights make me weird switching to different sizes. What am I?
Responder:I am the pupil of an eye.

Enigma:My thunder comes before the lightning; my lightning comes before the clouds; my rain dries up all the land it touches. What am I?
Responder:A volcano.

Enigma:How high do you have to count before using the letter "a" in the English spelling of the integer?

love riddles

Enigma:What is mine that only you can have?
Responder:My heart.

Enigma:What did the fish say to the bait on Valentine's Day?
Responder:We must connect fully!

Enigma:What are two birds in love called?
Responder:“Tweeted” hearts.

Enigma:What did the left eyebrow say to the right?
Responder:Are you surprised to see me?

Famousenigmas& Puzzle

the followingenigmasthey went viral for being complicated. They are not the best for anyone.child(unless they have a super high IQ), but even more adults looking for a goodpuzzle.

o einsteindifficult riddle

Now, if you're really up for a challenge, here it is.Albert Einstein riddle, a logic puzzlewhich is believed to have developed when he was young. The best way to find theresponderat thisenigmaIt is through logic and deductive reasoning.

Do you think you can solve it?

Enigma:Five houses painted in five different colors are lined up. In each house lives a person of a different nationality. All five owners drink some type of liquor, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and have a certain type of pet. But none of the owners drink the same drink, smoke the same type of cigar or have the same pet.

Here are the clues:

  1. The Brit lives in the red house.
    2. Swede have dogs as pets.
    3. The Dane drinks tea.
    4. The green house is immediately to the left of the white house.
    5. The owner of the greenhouse drinks coffee.
    6. The owner who smokes Pall Mall raises birds.
    7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
    8. The owner who lives in the house in the center drinks milk.
    9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
    10. The owner who smokes Blends lives next door to the one who has cats.
    11. The owner of the horse lives next door to the one who smokes Dunhill.
    12. The owner who smokes Bluemasters drinks beer.
    13. The German smokes Prince.
    14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
    15. The owner who smokes Blend lives next to the one who drinks water.

Now, the question is... Who owns the fish?
Responder:the german incasa#4 owns the fish.

the sphinxEnigma

There is a mythological story of a Sphinx, a monster with the body of a lion and the head of a woman. Apparently, the Sphinx sat on top of a rock along the road to the city of Thebes, stopping travelers and proposing a solution.enigma. The Sphinx claimed that whoever failed theenigmathey would be killed and would obviously not pass into the city.

Enigma:What animal walks on four legs in the morning, two legs during the day and three legs at night?

Oedipus, the king of Thebes, discovered theresponderin the directionenigma:

Responder:Man, who in childhood crawls on hands and knees, in maturity walks upright and in old age with the help of a cane. (Morning, day and night are representative of the stages of life).

Gollum's final riddle inO Hobbit

Enigma:This thing all things devour; birds, animals, trees, flowers; gnaws at iron, bites at steel; grinds hard stones into flour; slay kings, ruin cities, and bring down mountains. What is it?

The riddle of the other sphinx inharry potterand the goblet of fire

Enigma:Think first of the person who lives undercover, who trades secrets and tells nothing but lies. Then tell me what is always the last thing to fix, the middle of the middle and the end of the end? And finally, give me the sound you often hear when looking for a hard-to-find word. Now put them together and answer me, what creature would you not like to kiss?
Responder:A spider.

another riddle ofO Hobbit

Enigma:It screams without a voice, flies without wings, bites without teeth, and mutters without a mouth. What is it?
Responder:The wind.

Theodore Roosevelt's supposed favorite

Enigma:I speak, but I don't say what I think. I hear words, but I don't hear thoughts. When I wake up, everyone sees me. When I sleep, everyone hears me. Many heads are on my shoulders. Many hands are at my feet. The strongest steel cannot break my face, but the softest whisper can destroy me. The quietest groan can be heard.
Responder:An actor.

Here is the complete list of easy, tricky, challenging andfunny riddlesthatchildren, teens and adults alike will enjoy:

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Favorite puzzle resources


What has 88 keys? ›

The piano is made up of 88 keys, 52 are white and 36 are black. This is what the piano keyboard looks like in its 88 keyed form.

What runs but never walks? ›

Answer: A River! findings to teach Year 2 students about rivers.

What is a room no one can enter? ›

Riddle: What room can no one enter? Answer: The letter M.

What can you lift but not throw? ›

Q: I am easy to lift, but hard to throw. What am I? A: A feather. Q: Where do you take a sick boat?

What goes into water black? ›

What goes in the water black and comes out red? Answer: A lobster.

What is at the end of Rainbow? ›

What is at the end of a rainbow? Answer: The letter "W".

What can fly but no wings? ›

"Time" is the response to the riddle "what flies without wings." Now it seems like a really simple puzzle. The best riddles all seem to be so straightforward and simple once the solutions have been found. It is very clear that time is the thing that can fly without wings.

What goes to Z to A? ›

9. The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go Z to A.

What gets wet when drying? ›

a towel gets wet when it dries.

Where do fishes keep their money? ›

Q: Where do fish keep their money? A: In a river bank.

What is dark but made by light? ›

Answer: Shadow is the dark portion of a particular surface where light is not falling due to some obstructions. So we can say that the shadow is darkness which is indirectly created by the light.

Which tree can be carried in your hands? ›

A palm tree.

What can hold a car but? ›

A garage can hold a car but can't lift a feather. A garage can hold a car but can't lift a feather because a garage is not at all designed to lift a feather.

What can run and have no legs? ›

Long and lanky, deaf and dumb, have no legs, but still can run. Answer: a river.

What holds water and has holes? ›

Sponge is full of holes but still holds water.

What flowers have two lips? ›

Tulips (Two Lips) For Lovers Flower Bouquet.

Which house weighs the least? ›

What type of house weighs the least? A lighthouse!

What starts with T and ends with T? ›

It's teapot! The word teapot starts with the word 'T' and also ends with the word 'T'. In a teapot it has tea as tea is pronounced as 'T'. The answer is Teapot.

What does 🌈 mean in texting? ›

What does 🌈 Rainbow emoji mean? The rainbow emoji 🌈 depicts a colorful arc of a rainbow. When not representing the meteorological phenomenon, the emoji can express various positive emotions, such as happiness, feelings of togetherness, hope, and good fortune.

Can we touch the end of the rainbow? ›

You can't reach the end of the rainbow because a rainbow is kind of like an optical illusion. A rainbow is formed because raindrops act like little prisms. The raindrops split light up into bands of color. The colors you see in a rainbow come from millions of raindrops that are sitting at different angles in the sky.

Do rainbows have gold at the end? ›

The old folktales tell us that there is a pot of gold hidden where the end of any rainbow touches the earth. Unfortunately, science tells us that rainbows do not have an end since their arch shape is an illusion!

Which bird has no wings? ›

The only known species of flightless bird in which wings completely disappeared was the gigantic, herbivorous moa of New Zealand, hunted to extinction by humans by the 15th century. In moa, the entire pectoral girdle is reduced to a paired scapulocoracoid, which is the size of a finger.

What natural things can fly? ›

Fantastic flyers: 10 animals that fly in surprising ways
  • Colugos. ...
  • Paradise tree snake. ...
  • Kuhl's parachute gecko. ...
  • Freshwater butterfly fish. ...
  • Flying squirrel. ...
  • Flying fish. ...
  • 7. Japanese flying squid. ...
  • Draco lizard.

What alphabet is lower A to Z? ›

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y and z.

Which letter from A to Z? ›

Letters in the alphabet:

The English Alphabet consists of 26 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

What does Z start with? ›

List of Things that Start with Z

What is always in front of you? ›

Answer: The correct answer is The future.

Why is the water wet? ›

Water molecules are held together by hydrogen bonds, involving hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms. When water molecules come into contact with a surface, these forces create the condition of a liquid being wet.

What goes up and down but not move? ›

The answer to this riddle is staircase.

What is the wealthiest nut? ›

What is the wealthiest nut? Answer: Cashew.

What goes to bed with its shoes on? ›

What always goes to bed with its shoes on? Answer: A horse.

Who makes it does not need it? ›

Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it? Answer: A coffin.

Which letter means a line? ›

A line is generally referred to with a single letter, such as 'l' or 'm', usually in lowercase.

Can a light be black? ›

Sure, “black” would be a fair response, but the term “black light” is an oxymoron because truly black light is impossible. Black light is actually from the slow lane of the spectrum—long-wave ultraviolet (UV-A) light.

What makes it dark? ›

During the day, sunlight floods our atmosphere in all directions, with both direct and reflected sunlight coming to us from everywhere we can see. At night, the sunlight doesn't flood the atmosphere, and so it's dark everywhere in the sky that there isn't a point of light at, like a star, planet, or the Moon.

What tree brings peace? ›

To the Iroquois people, the white pine is a symbol of the Great Peace that united their separate nations into an enduring League. The Peace Tree is related to the Tree of Light, a central symbol in Iroquois cosmology.

During what month do you sleep the least? ›

During what month do people sleep the least? Answer: February, because it is the shortest month.

What is the tree that sheds? ›

Shedding or peeling bark is characteristic of trees such as the sycamore, redbud, silver maple, shagbark hickory, birch, and Scotch pine.

What moves in a car? ›

Wheels and Tires

The system of engine, crankshaft, transmission, drive shaft, transfer case, and axle all work together to turn the wheels. If any part of that system doesn't work properly, the wheels will not move.

What can't a car run without? ›

Your car won't run without fuel. While that's easy to say, having no gas make it to the engine can literally cause your engine to stop.

What stops a car from moving? ›

They include hydraulic pump failure, cracked flywheel, failed sun-gear shell, worn out clutch plates, linkage problem and a variety of other internal problems.

What land animal has no legs? ›

Snakes are reptiles with no legs. They move by using their muscles to push their scales against the ground or other objects.

Which wild animal has no legs? ›

Apart from snakes and some lizards, the only vertebrates without legs are amphibians including salamanders and caecilians. But it seems that other groups, such as mammals and birds, may have the capacity to evolve into legless forms – unless they have lost the associated genes, he says.

What has no legs or arms? ›

A clock.

What seed has 3 letters? ›

A Pea is a word of three letters, it is appeared as a seed. When we take out last two words from 'Pea', we get 'P'. Here, the pronunciation of 'Pea' and 'P' is quite same. Hence, the answer to this riddle is 'Pea'.

Who hold my tail while I fish for you? ›

You hold my tail while I fish for you. What am I? Answer: A net.

What can be used until its broken? ›

The answer to the given riddle is Egg.

An egg can't be used until it's broken because one cannot use an Egg without breaking it. For eating an Egg, we have to break the upper shell of the Egg. For making an Omelette or eating Boiled Egg, it is mandatory for us to break an Egg.

What has 88 keys but Cannot open a lock? ›

What has 88 keys but can't open a single door? Answer: A piano.

Do all keyboards have 88 keys? ›

Most keyboards come with 66, 72, or 88 keys. For a beginner, 66 keys are sufficient for learning to play, and you can play most music on a 72-key instrument. For anyone interested in playing classical piano, however, a full 88 keys are recommended, especially if you plan on one day playing a traditional piano.

Do all pianos have 88 keys? ›

A typical full-sized piano has 88 keys! However, other pianos are shorter and have 44 to 72 keys! Some are even longer than the standard size and have 97 keys such as the Imperial Bösendorfer Piano that is 290cm long. The largest piano has 108 keys (the 9 octave piano), but these are rare.

Why are there 88 keys and not 84? ›

So, why do pianos have 88 keys? Pianos have 88 keys because composers wanted to expand the range of their music. Adding more piano keys removed the limits on what kind of music could be performed on the instrument. 88 keys have been the standard since Steinway built theirs in the 1880s.

What goes to bed with shoes on? ›

What always goes to bed with its shoes on? Answer: A horse.

What goes from Z to A? ›

The Word Zebra starts with the Letter 'Z' and ends with the Letter 'A'. So, the correct answer to the riddle is Zebra.

Why are pianos black? ›

Thousands of piano factories were opened in Europe, and even in those days there was strong pressure on prices. For the same reasons as for harpsichords, pianos were built with simpler wood and with a black layer of paint or varnish.

What is the lowest note on the piano? ›

On a standard 88-key piano, the lowest note is called A0. This means it's the note “A” in the zero-eth octave. One octave up from there is A1, which is the note “A” in the first octave.

How many keys does a baby grand have? ›

Baby Grand Piano: A baby grand piano is a smaller version of a grand piano, typically 5-6 feet in length, and is used in homes and small spaces. It usually has 75 keys.

What are the 12 keys on a piano called? ›

The 12 notes are C, C-Sharp (D-Flat), D, D-sharp (E-Flat), E, F, F-Sharp (G-Flat), G, G-Sharp (A-Flat), A, A-Sharp (B-Flat), and B. Many beginners think that a sharp or flat means a black key. All black keys are either a sharp or flat, but not all sharps and flats are black keys.

How many keys does an organ have? ›

The small standard church organ has three–two manual keyboards of 61 keys each, called “manuals” for short, and a pedal keyboard of 32 keys, referred to as “the pedals.” The first manual, the lower one closest to the performer, is “the Great,” while the second manual, the upper one, is “the Swell.” Each manual and the ...

What is a 73 key piano? ›

73 key stage pianos are a super interesting instrument to me. They can have quality sounds, great key-beds, and action, yet they have 73 keys rather than 88. Some prefer this as 73 key keyboards are a little bit more portable and they can also weigh a little bit less than an 88 key digital piano.

Why are there only 7 keys? ›

Likewise, he found that people could remember a sequence of up to seven tones, but not much more. This limit on short-term memory capacity was termed “the magical number seven, plus or minus two”. This may be one reason why we use seven notes in our scales, rather than 12, in order to help us remember more easily.

Why are there 4 extra keys on a piano? ›

But the instrument's four-octave range was limiting. So, piano manufacturers designed new pianos with more keys, so that composers like Haydn and Mozart could write more challenging material for a fuller keyboard.

Why there are 12 keys on keyboard? ›

The 12-key keyboard or 12-key consists of keys for the numbers zero through nine, with keys for the asterisk (*) and pound (#) symbols. Considered one of the original keyboard models and still in use today, the 12-key keyboard is generally paired as a peripheral with laptops for faster number input.


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