How To Tell The Fake Nike Dunk Panda (Black/White) - Ch's Legit Verification (2023)

You are probably here because:

  • Own/want a pair of Panda Dunks;
  • Not sure if they are real or fake;
  • Want to know the truth about this pair.

If this is true, then you are in the right place. Now, we're going to show you the fastest and most reliable way to spot fake Panda Dunks.

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In this guide, we'll cover: hide

1 How to tell if Panda Dunks are real?

1.1 Step 1: Check the size label of your Panda Dunks

1.2 Step 2: Check the inner tongue label

1.3 Step 3: Look at the back of the Panda Dunks

1.4 Step 4: Look at the toe hole

(Video) LEGIT CHECKING NIKE DUNKS IN 15 SECONDS! | REAL VS FAKE REVIEW #legitcheck #sneakerheads #nikedunks

1.5 Step 5: See what the printing on the insole looks like

1.6 Step Six: Analyze the Nike Swoosh logo

1.7 Step 7: Check the header height

1.8 Step 8: Examine the outside of the tongue

2 Is the Nike Dunk Panda the same as black and white?

3 How to identify the real and fake Panda Dunks within 30 seconds?

4 Where can I verify my Panda Dunks? our service

How do you know if Panda Dunks are real?

The best way to identify genuine Panda Dunks is to look at the size label. False pairs always make your text too thick or too thin, while true pairs always match and your text has the same font weight.

Remember, this is just a quick way to answer your question. For a complete tutorial, we recommend continuing to read this article.

Step 1: Check your Panda Dunks size label

The first and best way to identify a fake black/white dunk is to check the size tag inside the shoe.

It's best to look at the size labels inside both shoes, not just the left or right shoe.

In this picture comparing real and fake Panda Dunks, you can see a noticeable blemish on the size label. However, we only pointed this out in one place.

(Video) fake nike shoes kese pehchane ? 😱 Shivam malik motivational | shivammalik09 #shorts

This is the text "MADE IN...". You will notice that the counterfeit pair has very thin and a bit too large text, while the authentic pair has thick and small text.

The same goes for all other inscriptions. It might be easier to notice it in the text "DD1391-100", which is a Panda Dunks style code.

Where are Panda Dunks produced?

Authentic Nike Black & White (Panda) Dunks are mainly produced in China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Remember, if a shoe is made in China, it doesn't mean it's fake.

In fact, most authentic Nike shoes are also primarily made in China.

Step 2: Check the inner standard of the tongue

The second best way to tell the difference between genuine and fake Panda Dunks is to look at the label on the inside of the tongue.

If you do, you'll notice a huge difference between a Panda Dunks fake and the real thing.

The image above with fake vs real Panda Dunk Low shoes shows that the text on the fake shoes is mostly smaller and bolder than the real ones.

You can easily see this if you look at the text "SWOOSH" on the first line at the top of the label.

For this reason, you may also find problems with the trademark symbol ("®") on fake shoes because it is too close to the word "SWOOSH". A true pair has a greater distance between the two.

Finally, if you look at the "NIKE.LE" text, you can see that the "NIKE" text on the fake shoes is very small, while the ".LE" part is larger.

Genuine Panda Dunks should be the same size text - you can see this in the genuine above.

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Step 3: Look at the back of the Panda Dunks

Turn your Panda Dunks over to see the three rows of stitches on the white patch.

Checking the back of your shoe is another best way to spot real Panda Dunks. Now, let's look at the comparison images.

This photo of fake x real Panda Dunks shows how the stitching on the fake shoes differs from the real ones.

In fact, the three white stitches in the middle of the fake are very thin and long, while the stitches of the real one are the opposite.

Looking at the picture of the actual shoe above, you'll notice that the actual shoe must have very thick and small threads.


How To Tell The Fake Nike Dunk Panda (Black/White) - Ch's Legit Verification (4)

The steps we've written so far are the best way to verify this project.

The next steps are still a sure sign of authenticity, but they apply to replicas of the non-premium versions available for this project. We recommend following the steps explained above to make sure you don't draw the wrong conclusions.

Step 4: Note the toe box piercing

Moving on to the fourth method of identifying a real Panda Dunk, let's talk about the hole in the toe box of this shoe.

As always, we'll start by looking at a fake vs. original Panda Dunk comparison image.

This image shows the Panda Dunk's fake par with a smaller hole than the real par.

The real pair should have larger and wider holes than the fake example above. Be sure to compare your shoe to the image above.

Step 5: See what the print on the insole looks like

Back inside the shoe, the fifth way to identify a real Panda Dunk is by looking at the print on the insole.

Like most other Dunks, the Pandas feature Nike's classic wordmark and Swoosh on the insole.

The problem with counterfeit shoe insoles has to do with two trademark symbols (“®”).

In fact, the "®" symbols on the fake shoes are very thin, and they are also a bit farther away from the "NIKE" text than the symbols on the real shoes.

Also, you can see how the letter "R" in the genuine pair touches the edge of the circle, while the letter in the fake pair does not.

Phase 6: Analyzing the Nike Swoosh Logo

The Swoosh on the side of the Panda Dunks is pretty much the most eye-catching part of the shoe, and aside from the silhouette, the Swoosh is the only thing that makes this pair of Nikes what it is.

This photo shows the fake shoe with fewer Swoosh stitches than the real shoe, which has thinner and longer stitches.

True Panda Dunks should have very dense spots, and they should also be very thick and small.

Step 7: Check Toe Height

Next, we had to inspect the shoe from the side and look at the toe inflation level.

(Video) Real vs Fake Nike SB Dunk Low pro. How to spot fake Nike Dunk Shadow J pack

Use this image with Fake x Real Panda Dunks to see what the real ones should look like - they should look faded.

On the other hand, the toe box of fake sneakers is very inflated and higher than the toe box of real shoes.

Step Eight: Examine the Outside of the Tongue

The eighth and final step in our guide on how to spot fake Panda Dunks takes us to the top of the shoe where we need to check the tongue logo.

This time we need to look at the outside of the tongue.

As you can see in this photo above, the "®" symbol at the bottom of the fake's tongue is very thick and very square.

The "®" symbol on the genuine product is slightly thinner and larger than the fake product.

Is the Nike Dunk Panda black and white?

Yes, they are essentially the same shoe. Nike officially named the sneakers "Black White," and the community nicknamed them "Panda Dunks"—simply because the sneakers are in the color of the panda bear.

So don't worry, Panda Dunks are the same as Black and White Dunks.

How to identify real and fake Panda Dunks in 30 seconds?

When you're in a hurry or looking to buy sneakers online, the 8 detailed steps above might not be practical.

That's why we've compiled this 30-second quick fix for authenticating your shoes. Here are 8 indicators that can help you determine if your Nike Dunk Low Panda is fake or genuine.

  1. Check the size label on the shoe.
  2. Check the inner label of the tongue.
  3. See what the stitching in the back looks like.
  4. Check for perforations on the toe cap.
  5. Remember to check the print on the insole.
  6. Check out the stitching on the Nike Swoosh.
  7. Look at the height of the toe box.
  8. Check the outside of the language text.

Where can I verify my Panda Dunks? our service

If you need help verifying your Nike Dunk Low, we've got you covered.

All you have to do is send us a good photo of your Nike Dunk Low sneakers and we will get back to you with the result within 24-48 hours. The results will also be accompanied by a report explaining why we believe your sneakers are fake or genuine.

And that brings us to the end of our genuine and fake Nike Dunk Low legitimacy check guide. We will continue to update this article as newer and better comparisons are published.

Need our opinion on the authenticity of your item? This is the service we provide.

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How to fake check Nike dunks? ›

An authentic Nike Dunk should always curve slightly up near the toe box, where the tip of the sneaker is. On the fake Dunk, you can see how flat the shape of the sneaker is from the soles, midsoles and toe box. There is no noticeable curvature towards the toe box.

What is the product code for Nike Panda Dunks? ›

Release: 27 May 2023. Style Code: DD1391-100. Colourway: Panda.

How do I verify my Nike product? ›

The tongue of genuine Nike sneakers features the brand logo on the upper. On the inside of the tongue, the tag should show the product information, including the size and country of manufacture. There will also be a 9-digit serial number, which should match the code on the box.

How do I know if Nikes are fake? ›

Check the Outsoles

The outsoles of authentic Nike shoes provide traction and support because they are made with high-grade rubber. Imitations have cheap rubber that feels very plasticky and heavy on the foot. The ridges and patterns on the soles should be uniform and evenly spaced.

Are Nike Pandas worth it? ›

While the quality is pretty bad on the sneaker, it's still a decent deal if you can find them for retail. I think when the sneaker was going for 4x retail, that was a bit much. I definitely don't think the Pandas are worth it for the average consumer or sneaker collector at that price.

Is there an app to check authenticity Nike shoes? ›

CheckCheck - Authentication for Collectors, Resellers and sneaker addicts. Use CheckCheck App to authenticate your sneakers by our team of experts who can help authenticate your sneakers by the photos you submit. All items are check manually at least two times by two of our expert Authenticators.

What's in the tongue of Nike Dunks? ›

Regular Dunks simply use unpadded nylon or mesh tongues. Mesh was the default option from the early 2000s onwards, but nylon has returned on this year's 'Syracuse' and 'Kentucky' Lows.

Is Nike still making Panda Dunks? ›

When will the Nike Dunk 'Panda' restock? The Dunk 'Panda' is restocked on a regular basis, with the next Dunk 'Panda' restock scheduled for May 26, 2023. The latest releases can be found on our Dunk silhouette page. How much do Panda Dunks cost?

Which Nike dunks are pandas? ›

The Panda Dunk, formally known as the Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black, is polarizing in the sneaker community. Fans have made them top sellers for Nike and for resellers such as StockX LLC, eBay Inc. and Goat Group. But that ubiquity, especially on social media, annoys other sneakerheads.

What is the original price for Panda dunks? ›

Side view of the Nike Dunk Low. The Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' is scheduled to release at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on the Nike website. The shoes will cost $110 in adult sizes, $90 in big kids' sizes, $70 in little kids' sizes, and $55 in baby and toddler sizes.

Are Nike Dunk Pandas leather? ›

The Nike Dunk Mid "Panda" may tout that unmistakable black and white colorblocking, but it's slightly different from its counterparts. See, the Panda Mids arrives with a canvas upper, whereas the now-coveted Dunk Low and Highs boasts a traditional leather construction.


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