20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (2023)


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From pool parties to outdoor movie nights, these fun ideas and offbeat party themes are sure to impress even the coolest of teens.

Finding a great idea for a teen's birthday party can be difficult. They are too old for parlor games and a disco in the parish hall, but too young to do many things that they will enjoy for years to come, such as going to festivals, concerts or clubs.

There are still many fun ways to entertain them, impress their friends and make them feel special. We have tons of great themes and ideas for teen parties - from adventurous like paintball to more decadent like dinner at the table.

If you want to throw a party at home, rent oneParty-Locationor take a day trip, these party ideas will give teens their independence AND a great time. There is also something for every budget.

1. Outdoor movie night


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (2)

If your teen is a movie buff, a movie party is a great option. For teens lucky enough to have a birthday during the summer, you can take the action outside and set up an open-air movie theater in your backyard.

To create an outdoor cinema:

– Buy, borrow or rent an external projector and screen (or you can use a white wall or sheet) to show your chosen films
- Place beanbags, chairs and blankets in the garden for everyone to snuggle and cuddle
- Thread strings of lights together to create a magical atmosphere
- ServePopcorn, pizzas and bags of Pick 'n Mix for your guests to nibble on

If you want to go all out with the movie theme, you can send your guests invitations themed like retro movie tickets or ask them to dress up as their favorite movie star. Lay out a red carpet in the garden for guests to make their grand entrance - it's also great for taking selfies and making TikTok videos.

It's always a good idea to have a backup plan for inclement weather, so be prepared to bring things indoors or put up a gazebo in case of a shower.

If your guests are staying, a bell tent in the garden will be great fun and give the teens some privacy too.

2. Pamper party at home


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (3)

If your teen spends hours watching online makeup tutorials, they'll love a party with some of their closest friends.

Follow these tips for a fabulous pampering party:

- Set up stations in your home for different types of pampering - nails, hair, skin care, etc.
– Decide whether to hire professionals to do some of the pampering like manicures or makeup, or whether your guests would prefer to do it themselves
– Bathrobes make everyone feel more relaxed and make your home feel like a spa
- Funny masks and cucumbers for eyes will make everyone laugh and feel good
- Serve pizza or easy-to-grab food without interrupting the fun. Or if you go for the spa theme, go for healthy smoothies and salads.
- Make foot baths with wash bowls and a decadent foot bath

find moreFor tips on organizing a DIY pampering party, click here.

3. Mini golf


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (4)

Crazy Golf recently got an update. Forget waterfront mini-golf, most towns now have a purpose-built mini-golf course, complete with glow-in-the-dark balls and awesome obstacles built out of car roofs.

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Even the coolest of teenagers will appreciate these fantastic venues and most have food, drink and party packages available.

Best of all, throwing a party in the comfort of your own home is no problem.

Some venues have a policy that under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. If you want to leave them to their own devices, it is best to check before booking.

4. Colorful fight party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (5)

A color battle party is ideal for an outdoor party during the summer months. It's great fun, your guests will be talking about it for weeks, and they'll all take some great selfies for the "Gram".

How to organize a color battle party:

– Buy Holi powder paints. They were designed to be thrown and used in the Hindu festival of love, spring and color and are widely available online.
– You need a large outdoor area, e.g. a garden or lawn (paints are non-toxic and wash off easily, but some venues and parks don't allow this, so check restrictions beforehand).
- Ask your guests to come in all white and don't wear anything that might break, like their favorite designer sneakers
- Give everyone cheap sunglasses to protect their eyes
- Attractive!

There are no color match rules, although you can always split your guests into teams if you wish.

Make sure you have enough drinks on hand when they're done, as well as foods that can be eaten outdoors, like hot dogs or a barbecue, so guests don't get bogged down indoors.

5. Crime Party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (6)

If your teen loves a mystery or a little drama, then a murder mystery party is a great party optionβ€”and one that's grown-up.

You can buy crime games online. There are all sorts of themes, from Harry Potter to masquerade balls. The games provide clues, evidence and outline the scenarios surrounding the murder.

Teens dress up as characters and play their part while interrogating others to find out who committed the crime.

6. Party at the amusement park


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (7)

Roller coasters, cotton candy and a maniacal scare - what's not to love?

A day at a theme park with some of their closest friends makes a great birthday present for adventurous teenagers.

Admission to the theme park can be expensive, but there are often deals. Keep an eye out for discount coupons and offers in local newspapers, savings sites and supermarket loyalty cards.

There's also nothing wrong with asking your teen's friends to pay for his or her expenses.

find it brightAmusement parks near you here.

7. Go to the nail salon


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (8)

A trip to the nail salon with a few friends is the perfect treat for teens.

Some nail salons host parties where you and your guests can take over the salon. You can hang birthday decorations and play your own music while getting manicures and pedicures and enjoying some snacks.

Even if your favorite nail salon doesn't currently offer party packages, it's worth finding out what they can do, many will be happy to oblige.

8. Festive party


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20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (9)

They may be too young to go to a festival alone, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out. Throw a celebratory birthday party for your teenager in your own backyard or in a nearby field.

Tips for a great party at the festival:

- Give your festival a funny name. A Woodstock game with your child's name usually works. For example, think of Isla-Fest or Ben-Stock
- Decorate your garden with banners, flags and fairy lights and make signs pointing out each area and attraction
- Create a chill-out zone with bean bags and blankets
- Use tents and gazebos to create a main stage/disco space where you can have a DJ or play live music (your teen might have a friend in a band or have a few decks they'd like to play)
- Rent a food truck or set up a food kiosk to ship burgers, falafel and other festival food
- No festival is complete without face painting - For teens, use glitter and gems instead of animal faces
– Neon bracelets and glow-in-the-dark colors hit after the sun goes down, floral wreaths are a hit during the day
– Have a pajama tent for guests to spend the night

Find more ideas forThrow a festival themed party here.

9. Fluchtraumparty


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (10)

Escape rooms are great fun for groups of teenagers. Locked in a room, they must decode codes and find clues to escape.

Most cities have an escape room, and the rooms come in many different themes, from ancient Egypt and magic schools to futuristic zones.

Most escape rooms are suitable for children aged 11 and over, although some require an adult to play with groups under 16 - check before booking.

Meet some of oursFavorite escape rooms here.

10. Group of Five


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (11)

Who doesn't like a kickabout? Reserve a five-a-side field for your teen and friends to play on, or hire a trainer to teach them tekker.

You can take them out to dinner after celebrating your victory.

11. Dinner


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (12)

Treat your teenager to an elegant evening with a three-course meal. It's a great excuse for them to dress in their best prom attire and enjoy some good food.

Tips for throwing a teenage dinner at home:

– Put a dress code on the invitation so that some guests don't show up in formal wear and others in jeans
– Take extra care to set the table with a white tablecloth, flowers and candles (electric candles are the safest option)
– Design a menu with your teenager and make sure you have asked about all of your guest's dietary needs. Three courses will make you feel very special
– You can cook yourself or ask your teenager for help. Another option is to buy some dishes like sushi for starters or hire a caterer to prepare everything.
- The food doesn't have to be overly fancy - spaghetti makes a good main course - but make sure your dishes look good for all those important photos and videos
- Add some fun details like: B. Add candy to dessert to get guests talking
- If you feel the conversation is about to run dry, place some conversation starter cards on the table and ask each guest to read one. Try asking questions like 'Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?', 'Which celebrity do you think would make the best couple?' and 'What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?'
- Most importantly, stay out of the way! You have to be there to serve food and clean up (sounds familiar) so let the teenagers do that. Without adults in the room, they will have much more fun!

Just look at oursRecipes for party food and canapΓ©sfor ideas.

12th game party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (13)

What do many teenagers want for their birthday? Same thing they do most days - play video games!

Here are some tips for hosting a gaming party:

- Unless your guests are avid gamers, choose games that are easy to learn and fun to play. Wii games, Mario Kart, etc. will do well
- Make sure you have a big screen so everyone can watch instead of crowding around your computer screen
- Carry all your accessories and controllers and have some spares so you don't run out of power midway through
– Consider dividing your guests into teams and hosting a tournament
- Instead of buying new games, you can subscribe to them to have a wide selection to play. Ask friends to bring their favorites too
– Put stools and cushions on the floor so everyone can sit comfortably
- Food that can be eaten with your hands is a good idea to not interrupt the game. Think pizza, fried chicken, fries and sauces.
- Consider buying a mini trophy or prize for the winner if you are hosting a tournament

Read our guide on how to do thisThe best gaming consoles for kids and teens.

13. Afternoon Tea


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (14)

Afternoon tea is a fun idea for a small birthday party. Many high-end hotels and restaurants offer afternoon tea and small sandwiches, cakes and scones, often themed, many of which are suitable for teenagers. Expect everything from fashion to science, from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland.

If you're around London, you can even enjoy afternoon tea on a specially converted double-decker bus.

Or make your own with our toptea recipes.

(Video) Nastya and her Birthday Party for 9 years

14. Poolmietparty


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (15)

Most of us don't have a private pool, but if you have a large back garden you can rent one. Businesses will come by and set up a large above ground swimming pool in their backyard, perfect for an American style pool party.

The rent is usually at least one week. If you don't have room for a pool, you can also rent hot tubs.

Tips for a great pool party:

- Place some tropical decorations including Hawaiian necklaces and fairy lights
- Fill your pool with fun bouncy castles like unicorns and palm trees
– Have a shaded area and some sunscreen available to ensure your guests are safe
- A summer playlist is key - best left to your teen
- ServeCocktailsand fresh fruit to keep your guests hydrated; a grill is a good idea for the meal
- Teenagers generally enjoy entertainment, but consider having some fun games like pool float relays up your sleeve to get the ball rolling

And remember, you're never too old for a water fight. See how to hostthe ultimate water fight at homefor all ages.

15. Bowling-Party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (16)

Everyone loves bowling, even teenagers. Rent a few lanes for your teen and friends at the local bowling alley and leave them there while you wait at the bar.

You won't want the complete kids' party experience with a sit down meal and party bags, but give them some money to spend on burgers and fries for everyone at the local coffee shop.

16. Retro-Themenparty


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (17)

If you have a teenager obsessed with a specific era, from the '60s to the '90s, a decade-themed party would be a great choice.

How to throw a retro party

- Send out seasonal invites and ask your guests to wear a seasonal outfit
- Decorate your party room with vintage posters and accessories - Dig for Victory posters for the war years, Britney and Justin for the 90s
- Have a playlist complete from the decade in question
– Choose foods that fit the time frame. For example, you might have a shrimp cocktail at a 70's party
- Consider a themed conversation, such as B. A live band playing songs of the day

17. Paintball-Party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (18)

Paintball is great adrenaline-pumping fun and gives teens a chance to burn off some energy outdoors. The goal of the game is to shoot at enemies with colored paint while avoiding being shot. You can play in teams with friends or against each other.

Most paintball centers in the UK have an age limit of 10+ (so your teenagers don't get swarmed by younger kids) and offer a range of group booking options and party packages to ensure you get the best deal. .

18. Classic sleepover


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20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (19)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Teens have been enjoying sleepovers for years, and having friends over for the night is a great way to celebrate your birthday.

Tips for a great slumber party

- Decide where they will sleep - if you have more guests than your child's room can accommodate, maybe give up the living room. It's only one night
– Arrange bean bags, blankets, air mattresses, quilts and sleeping bags so everyone has a place to sleep. Ask guests to bring linens if you don't have enough
- Put some movies and a killer playlist on standby to get the night started
- Order pizzas (or make your own) and eat lots of snacks like popcorn, candy, ice cream, snacks and pies
- If you want activities, buy face masks and nail polish, get the karaoke machine or buy a new video game
– Your teenager can also try to play some simple games such as B. Write the names of famous people on sticky notes. Each guest has a note in their head and must guess who it is by asking the other guests yes or no questions (or you can try using the heads-up app to keep it simple).
- Make yourself scarce: sleepovers are for sharing secrets, nobody wants their parents around!

Baking your own pizzas can be a fun activity, try one of theseEasy pizza recipesif your teenager and his friends want to try it.

19th climbing party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (20)

Your kids might have enjoyed rock climbing parties when they were younger, but teens and their friends will love the chance to experience the real thing.

Book a group course with youlocal climbing wallwhere they can learn to climb with ropes and see how high they can go. Or offer them a bouldering session (climbing without a rope).

Many climbing centers have cafes where they can have a drink and eat and then discuss their efforts.

20. Treetop Adventure Party


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (21)

With high-wire obstacles and zip lines, a treetop adventure park is a great birthday party idea for daring teens. Under 16s may require a participating adult, but staff will take care of everything else. Group discounts often apply.

Discover our favouriteHigh ropes course uk.

More teen birthday ideas


20 cool birthday party ideas your teen will love (22)

Do you want more? These fun birthday party ideas are great for teens:

– Group Stand-Up Paddle Class
- Karaoke-Party
- Dance class to learn the moves from your favorite music video
- Ice skating
– Surf or wakeboard lessons

Check out 21 fun things teens (and adults) can do at home. stuck at home.View gallery

Looking for more teen birthday party ideas? Check out our articles below or share tips with other parents on our forum...

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